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RFID technology provides real time efficiencies to multiple industries

Bidvest Mobility, leaders in mobile computing and barcode technologies, supplies and supports a range of RFID-enabled solutions for barcode printers, barcode scanners and enterprise grade mobile computers.

These devices are deployed in various environments, such as transport & logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, mining and agriculture Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is a wireless communication system that allows for the identification and tracking of objects using radio waves. RFID technologies provide significant advantages, such as efficient and accurate tracking of products or assets in the supply chain, allowing businesses to automate processes and provide real-time data analysis, enhanced security, reduced costs, and a more eco-friendly solution.

RFID has been widely adopted in various industries due to its numerous advantages over other identification technologies, which include:

Automation and Efficiency One of the most significant advantages of RFID technology is its ability to automate processes and improve operational efficiency for inventory management, asset tracking, and supply chain management. By utilizing RFID technology, businesses can reduce manual labour, save time and costs, and increase accuracy in identifying and tracking products.

Real-time data collection and analysis RFID technology can provide real-time data collection and analysis, which is crucial for businesses that require quick decision-making. RFID systems can capture data on the movement, location and condition of products or assets which can be analysed in real-time. This information enables businesses to quickly respond to changes in inventory, supply chain, and demand, allowing them to make better decisions to improve their operations.

Enhanced security RFID technology can improve security by providing access control and tracking capabilities. RFID tags can be embedded in ID cards, allowing only authorized personnel to access secure areas.

RFID tags can also be used to track high-value assets, ensuring they are not tampered with or do not leave designated areas.

Improved accuracy and reliability RFID technology provides accurate and reliable data collection, even in harsh environments. Unlike barcodes, which can be damaged or degraded, RFID tags can be read from a distance through a variety of materials. This make RFID a more reliable and accurate tracking technology, reducing errors, and improving supply chain visibility.

Cost effective RFID technology is becoming increasingly affordable, making it accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. Some RFID tags can be reused, reducing the cost of consumables. RFID technology can also be integrated with existing systems, minimizing the need for additional infrastructure.

Eco-friendly This technology can reduce the need for manual labour, decreasing carbon emissions associated with transportation and labour-intensive processes. As RFID technology continues to evolve, it is expected to become even more affordable and accessible, providing an even greater value proposition for businesses across various industries.

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