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The Future of Terminal Emulation Has Arrived

The Future of Terminal Emulation Has Arrived

StayLinked's Evolve integration platform enables companies to take their existing investment in TE-based systems to a whole new level.

Now customers can quickly and easily integrate new technologies into their existing warehouse management system (WMS), improving productivity and efficiencies.

Get ahead. Get Evolve.

StayLinked's Evolve integration platform

Solution Range

Harness the capabilities and benefits of today's touchscreen devices by seamlessly converting your legacy 'green screen' interfaces into modern, user-friendly graphical displays. With StayLinked SmartTE, the world’s most advanced terminal emulation solution, you can migrate and modernize without compromising the integrity of your underlying enterprise applications.

Dive into the future today with SmartTE and start enjoying increased productivity and unsurpassed reliability.

Revolutionize your Digital Experience with SmartTE

Integrating new, money-saving technologies, such as robotics, is no longer difficult, time-intensive, expensive, or risky.

With the pioneering StayLinked Evolve platform, you can take advantage of new technologies by quickly and easily integrating them with your existing warehouse management system.

Tomorrow can start today.

Change Made Easy with StayLinked Evolve

Integrating new IIoT technologies isn't plug and play. Most have proprietary software requiring a long, complex, and costly integration.

Evolve has been developed to solve this problem, enabling the rapid integration of technologies such as robotics with existing systems. The benefits are clear. 

Leverage the StayLinked Evolve Platform

Achieve cost savings, streamline operations, and enhance productivity seamlessly, all while preserving your current WMS infrastructure. Evolve's integration platform empowers you to optimize workflows by seamlessly incorporating new products and solutions, eliminating the need for costly and disruptive system replacements.

Optimised Workflows

StayLinked Time-Saving Technology

Revitalize your current operations with cutting-edge IIoT technology. Equip your workforce with intelligent automation and IIoT solutions to amplify warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Intelligent Automation

StayLinked Actionable Insights

Enhance the efficiency, reliability, and productivity of warehouse operations by optimizing workflows through IIoT peripherals like the ProGlove Mark Display. Empower your workforce through automation and seamless systems coordination.

Time-Saving Technology

StayLinked Augmented Displays

Assess the influence of novel technologies and revised workflows, enabling informed decision-making for enhanced effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

Leverage data from servers and mobile devices to monitor device health, worker behaviour, productivity, network availability, and other key metrics.

Actionable Insights

StayLinked Visual Validation

Empower your workforce to achieve greater capabilities.

Incorporate heads-up display (HUD) platforms like Zebra’s FulfillmentEdge and adopt cutting-edge augmented reality technology for enhanced performance.

Augmented Displays

StayLinked Real-Time Alerts

Ensure product integrity validation and efficiently relay crucial information to customers, vendors, and employees utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Visual Validation

StayLinked Maximise Efficiency

Automate notifications and customize workflows to deliver instant, actionable alerts to workers to help them process workloads more efficiently. 

Track progress of workflows to identify new processes that could benefit from alerts and then measure their impact.

Real-Time Alerts

StayLinked Rely on Your Terminal Emulation Investment

Manage technology data and business processes to evaluate productivity across teams and warehouse locations.

Accelerate employee onboarding with an optimized user experience and deploy new technologies to help combat the labour shortage.

There are many ways to maximize efficiency with Evolve.

Maximise Efficiency

StayLinked Operational delays
Revolutionize your Digital Experience with SmartTE

We Understand the Way You Operate

StayLinked has been helping customers to improve efficiency and productivity for their existing terminal emulation (TE) systems for nearly two decades.

SmartTE was designed and developed to allow companies to connect new AIDC devices with existing TE-based systems, delivering unparalleled reliability with no dropped sessions.

Evolve takes this to the next level, enabling companies to integrate new IIoT technologies, quickly and easily, with minimum investment and very low risk. 

StayLinked helps its customers evolve from where they are today to where they want to be.

Change Made Easy with StayLinked Evolve

Rely on Your Terminal Emulation Investment

StayLinked's solutions are built with reliability and security at their core. The potential consequences of data loss are severe, from delays and breaches in service-level agreements to demoralized workers.


However, with StayLinked's robust architecture, session drops are a thing of the past. You can trust that your data will safely reach its destination, even if network connections falter or devices shut down.

Unlock the potential and advantages of contemporary touchscreen devices by effortlessly transforming your outdated 'green screen' interfaces into intuitive, graphical displays. With StayLinked SmartTE, the foremost terminal emulation solution globally, you can seamlessly migrate and modernize while preserving the integrity of your core enterprise applications.


Embark on the journey to the future with SmartTE today and experience heightened productivity and unparalleled reliability.

Revolutionise your Digital Experience with SmartTE

Every time a session is dropped, users are required to log back into the system, resulting in wasted time. Even a few minutes of downtime can cause a ripple effect throughout the entire operation.

Operational delays

StayLinked Increased Labour Costs

Frequent interruptions result in prolonged task completion times. This decrease in efficiency over time can lead to missed deadlines and delayed order fulfillment.

Decreased Productivity

StayLinked Errors and Mistakes

When sessions drop, there’s a risk of data loss or error. A worker might scan a product, but if the session drops before the data is saved, that action might not be recorded. Such errors can lead to inventory discrepancies, missed shipments, and other costly mistakes.

Errors and Mistakes

StayLinked Reduced Morale

Protracted delays and inefficiencies result in workers spending more time on tasks than required, potentially leading to increased labor hours and subsequently higher costs.

Increased Labour Costs

StayLinked Customer Impact

Persistent technical issues can be a source of frustration for workers. Over time, this frustration can contribute to reduced job satisfaction and elevated turnover rates, ultimately resulting in higher recruitment and training expenses.

Reduced Morale

Our Bidvest Mobility StayLinked Customers
 Rely on Your Terminal Emulation Investment

Inefficiencies and errors can lead to delayed shipments or wrong items being sent out, which could result in contractual penalties. This can hurt a company's reputation and lead to loss of customers or increased costs in returns and corrections.

Customer Impact

StayLinked Optimised Workflows

At Bidvest Mobility, our success is measured by the success of our clients. With a diverse and prestigious clientele that spans local and multinational companies, we've had the privilege of partnering with leading organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. Our extensive portfolio of satisfied clients attests to the quality and effectiveness of our mobile computing and barcoding solutions. Join the ranks of our esteemed clients and experience the transformative power of our tailored solutions for your business. Your success is our mission.

Our Bidvest Mobility StayLinked Customers

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Bidvest Mobility Customer
Bidvest Mobility Customer
Bidvest Mobility Customer
Bidvest Mobility Customer
Bidvest Mobility Customer
Bidvest Mobility Customer
Bidvest Mobility Customer
Bidvest Mobility Customer
Bidvest Mobility Customer

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