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Smart Glasses

We know that user comfort is major barrier to workforce adoption of smart glasses. That's why all Vuzix products are designed for minimal weight and maximum performance.

  • A bright, unobtrusive display with expansive field of view

  • User-centered ergonomic design

  • Diverse mounting options for any preference

  • Collaborative working via video streaming

  • Integration with top conferencing platforms such as Zoom and WebEx

The world is changing, as is the way we look at it. Smart glasses let us surround ourselves in a digital world, while still staying connected to the physical. Layered displays let us navigate the world freely but with an extra element of engagement. Smart glasses push us beyond the ever-evolving curve of digital transformation. See what you’ve been missing with our ergonomic, high-tech AR solutions.



Keep your eyes protected and access mixed reality workplace solutions with a stylish design.
  • Android 11 OS supporting enterprise apps and integration with standard MDMs

  • Full UV protection lenses with ANSI Z87.1 safety certifications

  • Full-color waveguide optics reduce error rates for doctors and industrial workers

  • Real time access to location data, remote support communications, and more



Lightweight and durable, the Vuzix M400 smart glasses are the most wearable, powerful, and versatile headworn computer on the market.
  • First smart glasses with a dedicated XR1 platform

  • Increased processing power with an industry-leading 8-core augmented reality processor

  • Ruggedized, waterproofed design



Our Vuzix M4000 smart glasses use revolutionary waveguide optics to bring you an ultra-bright, see-through display.
  • Secure enterprise AR solution built for wearability

  • Minimalist, lightweight design for extended use

  • The perfect balance of performance and comfort



Our Vuzix M4000 smart glasses use revolutionary waveguide optics to bring you an ultra-bright, see-through display.
  • Secure enterprise AR solution built for wearability

  • Minimalist, lightweight design for extended use

  • The perfect balance of performance and comfort



Lightweight, all-day wear AI smart glasses to seamlessly connect workers with Artificial Intelligence optimization tools
  • A heads-up AR display built exclusively for pairing with your iOS or Android device

  • Prescription ready with a crisp see-through waveguide display

  • Superior battery life with up to 48 hour single charge use

  • Developer’s edition access to our complete Android and iOS SDKs, Vuzix Connect demo apps, and sample code

Why Vuzix?

Only Vuzix smart glasses let you replace batteries on the fly with zero interruption, allowing you to get work done quickly and efficiently.



With a relaxed fit and an ergonomic design, our smart glasses are built for all-day wear. This lets you stay continually connected to critical information — and comfortable — while you work.


Our proprietary waveguide technology lets us design smart glasses with crystal-clear, see-through displays that enable users to access key information virtually while staying grounded in the real world.


Our companion app for Android and iOS enables easy setup and communication between your smartphone and Vuzix device. 

Industries we serve


With Vuzix, you get seamless, instant, see-what-I-see communication among everyone involved in the treatment of patients. No one has to wait for information, and priceless lives are saved.


With our heads-up AR display, you won’t be weighed down by tablets or clipboards. You can access instructions, diagrams, and videos via heads-up displays; document steps and detect issues; and livestream remote support — all hands-free.

Field Services

Vuzix augmented reality (AR) smart glasses help connect technicians in the field to AI databases and remote specialists, providing them with heads-up, hands-free support and training that improves overall productivity and safety.


Vuzix augmented reality (AR) smart glasses help speed up production, increase compliance with protocols, and reduce training times by providing hands-free instructional support right in your workers’ field of view.

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At Bidvest Mobility, our success is measured by the success of our clients. With a diverse and prestigious clientele that spans local and multinational companies, we've had the privilege of partnering with leading organisations across a wide spectrum of industries. Our extensive portfolio of satisfied clients attests to the quality and effectiveness of our mobile computing and barcoding solutions. Join the ranks of our esteemed clients and experience the transformative power of our tailored solutions for your business. Your success is our mission.

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