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Bidvest Mobility Partners with CAB South Africa for a Groundbreaking Initiative at Nissan South Africa’s Rosslyn Assembly Division

Updated: May 20

Johannesburg, South Africa – Bidvest Mobility, a leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, announced a pioneering collaboration with CAB South Africa at Nissan South Africa’s Rosslyn Vehicle Assembly Division. This partnership marks the launch of an innovative laser marking system, set to transform Auto ID and product marking in the automotive sector.

The newly installed state-of-the-art laser system enhances vehicle identification and improves label readability by incorporating tamper-proof features that surpass traditional thermal transfer printing methods. Nissan South Africa has taken a bold step forward by adopting this advanced laser marking technology for producing VIN vehicle labels, which etches label data directly onto the label’s topcoat. This process creates a tamper-evident mark, ensuring the label cannot be altered without visible damage.

In alignment with our commitment to innovation and safety, the CAB laser marking system includes an advanced extraction unit that safeguards operator health by removing harmful dust and gas pollutants during the marking process. This ensures that clean air is returned to the environment after thorough filtration.

As part of the implementation strategy, Bidvest Mobility is developing a bespoke middleware solution to seamlessly integrate the laser marking system into Nissan South Africa’s production line. This middleware serves as a vital communication bridge, translating production data into specific commands for the laser marker and enabling the production of labels in multiple scripts including Roman and Arabic characters.

Our systematic and phased implementation approach minimises disruption, enhancing the speed and precision of VIN label production. The high-resolution marking ensures durability and permanent legibility, enhancing security measures and providing an additional layer of fraud protection.

This collaboration between Bidvest Mobility, CAB South Africa, and Nissan South Africa exemplifies our shared commitment to harnessing technology to advance production capabilities and ensure a safe work environment. The project stands as a testament to our dedication to innovative and responsible manufacturing within the automotive industry.

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